About Us

Welcome to E-Business Experts International

E-Business Experts is a comprehensive design and marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses build a meaningful online presence.

Umair ul haq Usmani
Umair Usmani
CEO & Co.Founder 

Who We Are?

Since 2004, e-Business Experts has been working with companies to build strong brands, which have driven increased market share, revenue growth and profits. We apply a proven, industry-agnostic brand development process that works for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies. The key to our process is in-depth, up-front research that we use to assess internal and external perspectives on your organization to formulate a unique creative approach.

We have a mix of communications professionals with wide-ranging expertise – including market research, design, messaging and project management. A typical brand engagement is a true team effort where our team collaborates closely with yours to discern your organization’s true strengths and present them to the marketplace.


We’re obsessed with building brands online and creating standards compliant, we are specialized in to create profitable online businesses that catch eyeballs, drive traffic, generate leads and increase sales, with our expanded reach we are able to better meet our clients demand an all-inclusive design and marketing experience.

As an independent agency, we’re known for our straight-talking honesty, fresh creativity, and dedicated professionalism. We’re eager to learn what makes your business tick and provide you with a digital strategy fit for your business.

Why Chose Us

Sometimes projects are more complicated than they have to be. Your time is valuable and you don’t want to deal with multiple vendors. Because of our Complete Solution, you get fully integrated service, all provided by one vendor, one point of contact. With E-Business Experts International, you only need to know one phone number—ours.

We are not limited to lavish offices or fancy sitting, We have professional high tech home base web studio where we buddies enjoy and work together, So that’s the way we have no AM-PM time limitation for international clients as well,

With a relaxed mind, we have more energy to focus only on business solutions for our clients and partners because we have no overhead tension like lavish office on prime locations “so-called”, commercial bills, other taxes you NAME IT, so that ’s why our client save its big money.

We express through our works not these fake fence kinds of stuff, we are available online 16+ hours a day via live chat, mobile, and emails.

How fast can a project be completed? This question is often not factored in by clients. Many firms may take weeks or months to complete a project, even the simplest ones. At E-Business Experts International, we use a project management style called Rapid Development Methodology (RDM). With RDM we use a dedicated development team to finish project weeks or months ahead of other firms, which allows us to deliver more value in a shorter amount of time, which means you’ll be earning a return on investment, sooner.

There a variety of firms out there that will offer a low bid on a project and then make it up with additional hourly charges. So you really don’t know when the project will be delivered or how much it will really cost.

With E-Business Experts we take all the mystery and risk out of the project for you. We reduce your risk by making all of the variables known. We provide a fixed time, fixed price, fixed scope project. This way you know what you’re buying, how much it’ll cost and when it will be delivered.

You never need to worry about a cost overrun with E-Business Experts.

At E-Business Experts International we design online businesses in a modular fashion. This means that your online business can grow and expand with you, even if your future needs aren’t fully clear. So the investment that you make now, will keep producing returns long into the future.

Our Methodology


We make it our job to make sure your business is seen by your ideal audience. We help you establish your business’ story and give customers a reason to choose you over all the others. We provide a holistic marketing strategy that encompasses a wide range of channels and activities, as well as web design, graphic design, web development, software development, video production, mobile website, mobile apps, social media marketing, and digital marketing services.

Presently in the market, an effective IT solution is more than simply just a matter of knowing the technology. At our outsourcing services company, we understand it’s a matter of understanding the client’s business goals.

We believe in the survival of the fittest theory. IT industry is a fairly young market still has a long way to evolve. The evolution of the industry could be realized by looking at the present rate of emerging new technologies. Today you can find video game consoles more powerful than the mainframe computers found on the first flight to Moon. Only those businesses which have the foresight and ability to adapt according to the new developments in the IT industry will be the new leaders. e-Business Experts International’s goal is to make sure your business achieves the highest performance in your field and does not become an endangered species.

At e-Business Experts International, we have the successful experience of developing and implementing complex and intricate systems for a variety of organizations, both inland and abroad. Due to this expertise, we have the capacity to provide IT solutions to all our clients’ technical needs.

we are committed to providing the best solutions according to our clients’ desires. Developing a successful internet marketing strategy is an essential part of any organization’s success. We aid our clients in increasing their market visibility and consequently improving their competitiveness.


Team up with our experienced professionals to get more qualified customers and added visibility. We share the results with you every step of the way and make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting out of your investment.