Video Marketing Service

Video Marketing Services

We Create Awesome Videos To Go Viral and Market Them Globally + Socially!


Did you know that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words?
Study Shows 76% of visitors make a decision after watching a video!
55% of mobile traffic is now dedicated to online videos!



Video Marketing Service

Have you ruined your marketing budget by spending thousands of dollars on weak advertising methods that provide little or no return?


It’s time to replace those methods with something more powerful and unique when it comes to putting your business right in front of local consumers.


Video Marketing can help you do just that.


Right now, about half of all consumers view online videos when searching for information.  So if you don’t currently have a Video Marketing strategy in place, your business could be shutting out nearly half of your prospective customers.

Can you really afford to do that?

Why Video Marketing?

When it comes to capturing the attention of your online audience, you need a strong visual presence that will make them take notice – and take action. A well-defined Video Marketing strategy will help you build brand awareness, establish credibility, achieve higher website rankings, and increase website traffic. 

Implementing videos into your online marketing funnel will help you:
  • Grab more attention
  • Create a personal connection with viewers
  • Achieve higher website rankings and more online visibility
  • Convert more prospects
  • Build brand awareness
  • Gain a competitive advantage


Video can be a very powerful medium, and if done properly, has the ability to capture your customer’s attention and draw them into your message. Video gives business owners the opportunity to impart their company’s voice and style. Words and images are a great way to connect with customers, but video allows your company’s voice to shine through and gives your message more impact.

Video also has the capacity to capture your customer’s attention in other ways. Ranking a video on page one of Google’s search results will display your video thumbnail in the search listings. Having the thumbnail image of your video on Google’s search page attracts more attention and gets more customers to click through to see your message. Even videos on the bottom of the search result page have the potential to receive more attention than normal links in the top positions of the search results.

While getting your company’s main message across is important, users also respond well to videos that offer helpful content to them. Creating videos with helpful tips and tricks in your industry will keep users coming back to your channel to stay updated on your company’s latest news. Users who find videos with helpful content, tend to enjoy sharing their newfound knowledge with family and friends. Creating videos with tips and tricks has the capacity to go viral in social media outlets. A viral video has the potential to reach more customers than most business owners realize.


The proof is in the bottom line. Your target audience loves videos, so they’re perfect for helping your business drive more sales. Videos are only going to become more popular, so there has never been a better time to start.

We help businesses and organizations bring their message to life by transforming it into professional, engaging, and easy to understand videos and animations.



Promotional Videos
Corporate Videos
Product Demonstration
Educational Videos
How to Videos
Event Videos
YouTube Adverts
Product / Service Adverts
Explainer Videos
Whiteboard Videos
Viral Videos
PowerPoint Presentations
Web Presenter Videos
Testimonial Videos
Marketing Videos
T.V / Commercials
B2B Sales Videos
eCommerce Sales Videos
Corporate Interviews
Industrial News Videos
Importers & Exporters Videos
Factory Tours
Real Estate Videos
Medical & Health Videos
Beauty & Fitness Videos

Professional Voice Overs

English (US/UK), Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, Chinese/Mandarin, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese & German.

Video Marketing Service Features!

High-Quality Videos

If you seek high-quality video for mixed marketing, then you will be offered the videos in high different formats.

Appropriate Voiceover

The voiceover in the animated videos provided will be appropriate as the per product’s specifications and requirements.

Authentic Script

We always dispense original and well as conceptual content to the clients each time they place an order with us.

Corporate Memos

All the corporate memos required will be delivered through engaging as well as interesting animated scribing/explainer videos.

Customized Content

Be sure of getting a customized content based on the product details mentioned by you to our project manager.

On-Time Delivery

We guarantee a prompt action on all the queries as well as on-time delivery of the videos produced.

What We Do


We are an exceptional marketing video production service offering numerous benefits to our clientele.


Our Video Marketing experts have the experience, knowledge and proven track record to position your business as the leader within your industry. We specialize in creating customized videos and marketing plans for companies just like yours.


Video Marketing ServiceLet us enumerate the benefits our marketing video production service offers when you hire our us:

Are you a small organization looking for a unique way to market your business?

We have reasonable rates that even small businesses can afford!

We can turn your ideas into exclusive storylines.

We guarantee a provision of original content that is produced solely for your company.

We create, design and produce ingenious videos that break through the clutter and quickly grab the attention of your target audience.

We ensure high quality in all our illustrations so that our clients get a good return on their investment.

Our Process

Discovery |  Script  |  Storyboard   |  Animation  |  Delivery

Producing a top-notch video is a lot of work, and you’re a very busy person. When you work with E-Business Experts, we make your job easier by taking care of all the heavy lifting. Think of us as your video concierge. We include everything from concept to creation in our video packages, so you can focus on what’s important.


Every video that we produce is unique and each project has its own set of circumstances.

Video length, number of videos, and technical requirements are contributing factors in determining the cost and we want to provide you with the most accurate price for the package that works best for you.

Work With The Best

Nothing beats experience, and at E-Business Experts, we have an abundance of it. No matter how complex your message, we can explain it. We’ve produced hundreds of corporate videos for happy clients all over the world.

Delightful People

What sets E-Business Experts apart from our competition? No Outsourcing. That means communication is seamless and deadlines are met. Every video production we create is had handcrafted a team of industry-leading animators, scriptwriters and producers all working together under one roof.

We Help Your Video Succeed

Our work doesn’t stop when the video is done. Not only is your video produced with key metrics like watch time and retention in mind, but we also help you with split testing, understanding your video’s analytics, and offer a 60% engagement guarantee.

Ready To Get Started?

Your Competitors are Using Video Marketing Campaigns - DO YOU?

If you’re ready to attract more local leads and convert them into paying customers, it’s time to step into the digital marketing age with a solid video funnel built to reinforce your brand and boost revenue.